Dow Jones and falling inflation: Will it make a new all-time high?

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US Stock Markets Highlights

The problems with the supply chain are getting better.

The prices of Commodity have decreased.

The rate at which rent is increasing has begun to slow down.

Fed’s rate hikes might have a bigger impact in the next few months

Supercore inflation is going down.

Expectations for inflation remain steady.

Dow Jones is in Bull Zone.

“Last week, the Federal Reserve made progress in their fight against inflation. A report showed that the cost of goods increased up by 3% in June, compared to last year. This is lower than the 9.1% increase from the last year . Also, a special measure of inflation that doesn’t count food and energy costs went down to 4.8%. The Federal Reserve pays close attention to this number.”

Dow jones stock market

“The central bank has a goal of keeping inflation at 2%, but it’s still higher. This makes people wonder if the Federal Reserve should get credit for lowering inflation. Some experts say the Fed’s interest rate hike didn’t help much for lowering inflation, but they did cause some other problems.For example, they made it more expensive to borrow money for things like houses and cars, and they slowed down the stock market.

Joseph LaVorgna, an economist, says that most of the progress on inflation wasn’t because of the Fed. He thinks it was because of other things, like supply chain problems getting better, lower prices for things like oil, and people spending less money because of COVID-19.
He points out that inflation started decreasing in October, even though the Fed started raising rates in March.
He also says the economy is still doing well, so the Fed’s actions haven’t slowed it down much.

Jonathan Millar, another economist, thinks the Fed did help a little bit. He says they affected how people think about inflation and helped cool down the job market. But he also thinks other factors were more important.

Mark Zandi, another economist, says the Fed deserves some credit for what they’ve done.

This debate is important because if the Fed’s rate increases haven’t helped much with inflation, maybe they shouldn’t raise rates again this year. Joseph LaVorgna thinks they should wait and see what happens with inflation before doing anything else. But other people think the Fed’s actions will help more in the future as it gets harder to lower inflation. The Fed is expected to raise rates again on July 26th.”

After all, things are under control, and the fear of recession also decreasing the markets started a bull rally and it is no surprise if it breaks all-time high in a few months. A clear direction to investors will be available only after the fed meeting on July 26.

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