Trading the Stocks and Forex Assets

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What is Trading

Trading in the stock market means buying and selling stocks regularly without holding them for a longer time like an investment. Most stocks make small price movements daily, traders try to capture the small price moments and make profits.


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How many traders can earn Monthly?

It may be from 10k -5 Lakhs per month based on their capital and Skill.

What are the Different types of trading instruments?

Trading can be done on many assets or trading Instruments like:-
a) Stocks
b) Futures and Options
c) Currency Derivative
d) Stock Derivative
e) ETF
f) Commodities

What are some popular Global Indices?

The index is nothing but the combined value of companies. For example, Nifty 50 India is nothing but the index of the top 50 Companies in India. It’s like a Textbook index which is a combination of different chapters and each chapter has a separate weightage of marks in Exams. Mostly if the Index is green or positive that defines that country companies are doing well and if Red or Negative value then it specify companies are not performing well. Top Global indexes are:-

a) Nasdaq 100 (USA)
b) Dow Jones (USA)
c) Nifty 50 (INDIA)
d) Sensex (INDIA)
e) SSE (China)
f) HSI (China)
g) Nikkei 225 (JAPAN)
h) Ftse 100 (UK)
g) DAX (Germany)
h) ASX (Australia)

What are Different trading styles?

1) Intraday:- Buying and selling of shares take place on the same day.
2) Swing:- Try to capture the good price movement to get good profit by holding the stock for 1 Day to 1 Week or more.
3) Scalpers:- Hold the trade for very less time for achieving small targets. The time of holding will be Minutes to less than an Hour.
4) Positional Trading:- It is a form of short-term investment where the trader holds
the trading position for 1 Month to less than one year.

How much capital is required to start trading

It may be your interest you can start with as low as RS.1000 or $10.

  • What are the primary requirements to start trading
    • a) Market Knowledge
    • b) Trading Setup
    • b) Minimum Capital
    • c) Demat Account

How to start Real Trading

1) Learn Technical Analysis

Stock basic terms like

Bids(The price at which buyers are waiting to buy)

Offer(The price at which the seller wants to sell)

Stock 52-week High(The highest price the stock has reached in the last year)

Stock 52-week Low(The Lowest price the stock reached last year)

Stop loss

Target Price



ATP(Average traded price)

Limit order

Market Orders

Stop loss limit

Stop loss Market

Upper Circuit

Lower Circuit

Volume(If there is one buyer buying 2 stocks and one seller selling two stocks then the volume is 2).

2) Learn Price Action

a) Candle Sticks
b) Support and Resistance
c) Trends, Breakout, Breakdown.
d) Indicators.

3) Learn Risk Management

a) Quantity Management
b) Risk Reward

4) Learn Phycology control

Fear, Greed, Patience, FOMO(Fear of missing out), Anger

  • Is trading a career possible?

Yes, but we need patience and constant learning to improve our winning accuracy and become profitable traders.

  • What are Market opening Timings?

Timings vary from country to country some country markets open for 6 and for some countries 8 hours. Usually starts at 8 or 9 Am and closes from 3.30-5 PM.

Who are some popular Stock traders and their net worth

Paul Tudor Jones
Net worth:-Net worth:- $730Cr
Georges Soros
Net worth:- $8.6 billion and many more we will post soon

  • Some popular apps for Trading Knowledge

Zerodha Varsity App available on the Play Store

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