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What is online Business?

Online Business is any kind of activity that takes place with the Internet. It mainly includes buying, selling, and providing different online services.

What is the future of online Business?

We have seen Internet users increasing Day by Day.  So, it is a great place to promote brands and

Sell our products. In the upcoming years, the internet was going to increase Very much. So, the future of

 Online Business is very Bright to promote individual businesses and expand their reach.

How to start an online Business

  1. We have seen a bright future in Online Business. So, starting an online Business is the best way to get some extra income or we can make it a full-time business.
  2. The problem with starting an online Business is a lack of proper knowledge of how to get started and expand it.
  3. We can set up our own online business if we have some Capital to purchase some goods at wholesale price and sell it on any popular platforms like Amazon, Shopify, etc. we can also sell these products on our own app and website if we own. If you don’t have knowledge in building apps or websites you can ask people to build for you for some Amount. You can also get people on freelancer and some other freelancing websites. The Freelancer website links are provided Click on the Link
  4.  We can do also online Business if you have very less time for Reselling technique. In this, you sell other companies’ Products by Sharing them on your Social media account and earn Commission for each sale.
  5.  What are the platforms Available for online selling? There are Various Platforms Available for selling products online if you don’t have your own website or App.

.These platforms are different for different Countries

For the USA

1) Amazon

“Start Your Own Amazon Store…without getting hurt” is a practical guidebook that shows the necessary steps of starting a professional Amazon store in the United States.

In this book, the author shares insight about developing a business mindset and exposes the unwritten truths needed to launch your own professional Amazon Store.

Readers will learn the foundations of getting started, shared through personal and painful lessons, from a professional seller who has drudged the path without a rule book and has found success on the other side.

This book is for the person who needs the knowledge and confidence to successfully navigate the maze of potential pitfalls and confusing operations of Amazon. For the book Click here

2) Shopify

3) eBay.

For  India

1) Amazon

2) Flipkart

3) India mart

4) Meesho etc

What are the Tasks included in online shopping?

a)  Selecting a Category like electronics, Grocery, Fashion.

b)  Selecting a product and details.

c)  Taking Photographs of products and then uploading that product with all details like product name, size, color, warranty, description, return policy, etc.

d)  Promoting the product by Ads or some social media platforms.

d) Once you receive the order and pack it and deliver it with proper packing.

e) At last you will receive your Amount Based on prepaid or cash on Delivery.

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