What Is Web 3.0 in Simple Terms and Its Pros and Cons

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What is Web 3.0

In Simple terms, it is the Internet Services which we are using now but What’s new in Web 3.0 is its implementation and new facilities which lack in web 2.0. It is currently the idea of new Internet Services.

What is New in Web 3.0

  • Its specialties are it uses Blockchain Technology(It follows a Decentralized System where one cannot have control over it).
  • It works with VR and AR(Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality).
  • It works with metaverse.
  • It can use Artificial intelligence
  • Used in building Dapps

What is Web 1.0 or the old Internet?

  • In this Generation, the Internet has only Static Websites.
  • We can Consume data only in one way through static websites, we have no option to interact(like upload or perform some major operations).
  • Only Major People can create content like static websites.
  • Used from 1995-2005.

What is Web 2.0 or Current Internet?

  • It is an Advanced Version of Web 1.0 where we have seen many Interactive websites and applications like Facebook, Amazon, etc.
  • Many people have understood today’s Internet Services and started creating content.
  • This Web 2.0 is the most popular and currently used worldwide.
  • It is easy to access for Consumers.
  • Consumers or users can add Content to the Internet using different social media Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Quora.
  • Many third-party companies have access to users’ data like user identity(location), and preferences.
  • Used from 2005-Present.
  • Useful in building today’s Apps.

What are the Problems of Web 2.0

  • In Centralized Systems without Blockchain Technology when we are using any Social Media Application we may give our details for Creating an Account in that App and then we may upload media like photos, music, and Videos. In this situation, the Companies or Application Industry has full control over your data like they can remove your account or Remove your Videos if you have done anything wrong, In this situation, we have no control over our data.
  • In Many Applications, we have no control over our data like what Ads to show in our videos, Which users to target for our content, and how to rank our data at the top all these things are controlled by Companies. In this way, we have no control over our data in web 2.0
  • When we are using the Internet for many purposes third-party companies may access our data Without Permission to show their ads in this way our Privacy is at Risk Sometimes and we have no control over it in Web 2.0 or the Current Internet World.

How Web 3.0 is Useful?

  • Provide Security to user data using Block Chain Technology.
  • User has Control over own content(user will be the owner of own content).
  • Decentralized distribution of data.
  • Improves Internet Performance.

Current Problems with Web 3.0?

  • In Blockchain user identity is hidden so if any Fraud or Cyber Crime takes place on Web 3.0 then it is difficult to catch that person.
  • Web 3.0 is an idea from nearly 2014 but its implementation is still in starting stage, it also takes time to handle any new problems found in this idea to resolve.
  • Block Chain technology and Web 3.0 are mostly new to implement and resolve any few problems faced by Developers.
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