Google Web Stories- Free Course Complete Details

What are Google Web Stories?

  • We have seen Instagram Stories like this google web stories are content-based stories with graphics like images and videos
  • In today’s busy world everyone like content simple and short like Instagram reels and YouTube shorts for Videos but for Blogs and Websites we want the same short and simple content this is where Google web stories Come in to solve this Problem.
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  • Who can Design Google Web Stories?
  • Any Individual who knows about Blogging and has an interest in writing useful content for internet users.
Do Google Web Stories Trending and Have a Future?
  • Yes, Google web stories are very popular now and have seen more interest in users and have reached more than one crore users around the World.
  • In today’s world everyone wants simple and short content instead of reading heavy content blogs so google web stories is a good option for future bloggers and content writers to showcase their skills.
  • When Did Google Web Stories Start?
  • Google web stories started in 2021 June to provide its users a simple and easy-to-understand short content
What are the Niches(Content) we can use to design Google Web Stories?
  • We can Work on Any Niche to design a web story mostly a lot of people are working on trending topics as it can bring good traffic for a few days but does not last long but if you make web stories on your website niche like
  • sports
  • finance
  • entertainment
  • Games
  • Courses
  • General Knowledge
  • Educational Content these are evergreen and has a good chance of long-lasting traffic.
  • What are the Popular Plugins to Design Web Stories on WordPress Site?
    In My opinion, the most used plugins for making web stories are:-
  1. Google Web Stories Plugin
  2. Make my Stories Plugin
How Many Web Stories we can publish every?

This is your interest you can publish 1-2 daily but the more web stories you publish with quality content the more chances of getting high traffic. But don’t publish bulk like one day 50 next day 10 daily maintain particular number like daily 10 or 5 because consistency is key to success in any field.

How to Design a web story on Google Web Stories Plugin and google web stories seo?
  • You need to select a Title for Your web story like “iPhone 14 new features released” note the point the Story Title should be below 90 characters and attractive to get clicks on your web story.
  • Get High Images or videos for your web story.
  • Write Quality content and avoid copying from other sites otherwise it will affect your web story visibility to more users
  • Write down a meta description for your site up to 200 Characters. It should specify what your web story is all about.
  • Add Tags related to your web story
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  • Another Important thing is the Cover Image it should be a very attractive and high-quality image so that you have a good chance of Clicking.
  • If you have a Post regarding a web story give its link on the web story.
  • After following all steps you can publish your story.
  • Example of this type of Google Web story is Check Here

How to Drive More traffic to Web story?

  • Make sure your web store is AMP Supported so that it can run on mobile smoothly.
  • Instant Index Your web stories using Plugins like Rank Math or Yoast SEO with the help of other tools like google search console.
  • Regularly Publish the web stories with newly updated content. You may not see the results immediately but within one month you notice changes.
  • Avoid Copyright Content and Images which will affect the web story.
  • Web Stories are good but you should also focus on primary work like blog posts because web stories traffic is not fixed so your blog gets regular traffic from posts.
How Much You can Earn from Google Web Stories?

To earn from Web stories your website needs to be AdSense approved. If you have AdSense approved website then based on the hard work you may earn from $10-$10000 in one month. If you have multiple websites and a team then you can earn even more like $100000 per month. These earnings are based on the quality of traffic you get you may have traffic of 100- 10M Based on your story quality. If you are new to blogging click here for best information Link

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What are the Free courses to Learn Web Stories?

On YouTube, a lot of Youtubers are providing this course for free and you have more details in Google’s official Documentation. If you want to know many new and genuine money money making skills check out our free skills Link

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