Introduction to Blogging Carrier and How to Start it


1.  What is Blogging?

It is a way to present something like your knowledge, reviews, experiences, ideas, new product information, and solutions in a content manner as a blog. The people who write these blogs are called bloggers and people who require this information will access using the internet are called users or clients. Blogging is a good profession if have good thinking and content writing skill, Initially, a blogger can start his blog for free, and slowly when the blog starts getting decent traffic, they can add monetization methods and starts earning.  

2. Types of Blogs:-

Personal Blog

Business Blog

Niche Blog

Affiliate Blog

3. Blogging platforms:-




LinkedIn  blogging


4. Blogging Essentials:-

a) Hosting

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b) Domain Name

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5. Making a living through Blogging:-

a) Blog monetization methods

b) Affiliate Marketing

c) Sponsored Posts

d) Ad sense

e) Ad Banners

f) Email Marketing

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