Building the Apps and Websites with coding

A lot of people want to earn online but they didn’t get a decent amount through other ways like filling out surveys and doing small microtasks. So, Programming is a Lucrative Job that has huge potential to give you a good Amount of money.

• What is programming

Programming is a set of instructions or Commands which we write to perform certain tasks, examples of programming are when you are using a Calculator on your mobile it is a program developed by some programmers that facilities you to perform different mathematical calculations.

How to Become a Programmer?

  • We have understood what programming is and how it can do Various tasks on mobiles and  Personal computers. Now we have the Question in mind How to become a programmer?  The Answer to becoming a programmer we have to learn some programming Language
  • To Learn programming Language you can do any related computer degree or if you have you very less time then you can Learn yourself by enrolling in Some online courses like udemy , udacity, Coursera, etc If you have interest in reading blogs than then are Various programming blogs also available on the internet like Geek for Geeks.
  • What are some examples of programming Languages?  1) Java 2) C 3) C# 4) C++ 5) Python 6) PHP 7) JavaScript 8) Swift 9) Kotlin 10) Dart etc.

What are different types of programming Jobs?

There are various programming Jobs available online as freelancers some popular programming Jobs are web developer, Full Stack developer, App developer, Machine Learning, Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Chip level programmer, etc.

How to Become a Particular platform developer and what to Learn in each platform?

  •  As a programmer, we basically have two main tasks in Development. They are:-
  •  Front-end Development and Backend Development.

1) Front-end Development:-It is a part where the Programmer needs to design a User Interface (UI) for particular software meaning an App or website GUI. It is also defined as designing Graphics or User Interfaces so that users can easily use or Interact with them.

What programming languages are used on the Front end?

To Develop UI for websites we must have knowledge of Html, CSS, and Javascript and for

App UI we need to use XML or Dart or React Native.

2) Backend Development:- When a user sees graphics like buttons, and links and click on them it needs to perform Certain action in the backend which is not visible to the user and display them Result in the Front end. The Back and Develop must include processing of Business operations, performing certain tasks, and interacting with the Database. Don’t Confuse with the word Database it’s nothing but a storage unit for your Application. For example, if you enter the user name password for any website App registration it needs to store somewhere like Database.

  • To develop the website Backend we may use Programming Languages like PHP, C++,  Java, Python, JavaScript, Node.JS, Ruby, Rust, and Go. Based on your requirement you can choose anyone.
  • To develop the App Backend we need to use programming languages like Java, Kotlin, Swift, Dart, React native, etc.
  • Now We Will Discuss How to Become a Web Developer or Website programmer.

a) Nowadays Website is most useful for every business or organization to expand its reach.

b) We have different websites like Ecommerce, Magazine Websites, and Portfolio Websites.

c) So the need for website developers is always high for those who have good skills in Programming.

What are the Different Jobs in web Development?

Every website has two main parts

1) Front End Development and 2) Backend Development

1) Front End Designer: – Designs UI(User Interface)

2) Front End Designing Languages.


b) CSS

c) JavaScript

3) Backend Developer: – Develops Backend Coding.

4) Backed Designing Language is:-

1) PHP

2) C++

3) Java

4) Javascript

5) Node.Js

6) Python

7) Ruby

8) Go

5) To Develop the Backend no need to learn all this tries to learn at least one which is demanding.

6) Full Stack Developer:- If you have good knowledge in both front end and backend development then you can opt for full stack development its nothing but a combination of front end and backend. It is also a high-paying job.

What is the Average Salary of a website developer?

The Average salary is between $10,000 to $ 25,000 Minimum to Max of $100000 Per Annum. Your salary will depend on how strong you’re programming skills and past experience.

Who is called App Developer?

Any person who has knowledge in creating mobile Apps, desktop apps, web apps

How to Become an App (Application Developer)?

a) We have seen everyday internet users increasing and the number of people who are also increasing.

b) So, App Development is a great job for higher payouts and self-income can be earned by creating useful apps and monetizing them.

c) You can Learn App Development on Udemy which provides low-cost Courses.

What are the Different types of Apps that are developed?

1) Native Apps (works on a particular Platform only example App developed for Android will not work on the IOS Platform.

Examples of Native Apps are Pinterest, Whatsapp, etc

Languages Used in Native App Development are – Java, Kotlin, Swift, and C#.

2) Cross-platform Apps (work on both Android and IOS mobiles)

Examples are:-Facebook, Walmart, Skype, and Bloomberg.

Languages Used in Cross Platform App Development are:- React Native, Xamarin, and Flutter.

3) Hybrid Apps (combination of Native and Web apps)

Examples are: – Instagram and Gmail.

Languages Used in Hybrid App Development are – Ionic.

4) Web Apps (Runs on all devices having a web browser)

Examples are: – Google Docs and Netflix.

Languages Used in Web App Development are- Java Script, Python, Java, and PHP.

5) Progressive web Apps (Lightweight and No need to download and install, runs on all devices using browsers)

Examples are: – Flipkart, Aliexpress

Languages Used in Progressive Web App Development are:-Angular, React, and Polymer.

What programming Languages are used in App Development?

• We have seen different types of apps available on the internet. So each technology uses a different language. Now we will discuss this in detail

What to use for Native App Development?

If you have an interest in android app development only then you use Java or Kotlin. If you have an interest in IOS app development then you can use Swift or C#. Popular IDEs for Android App Development are Android Studio and For IOS App development is Xcode.

What to use for platform independent or Cross Platform Apps?

Programming Languages: – Flutter or React Native or Xamarin.

IDE’s:- Android Studio, Xcode, Visual Studio.

What to use for Hybrid Platform Apps?

Programming Languages: – Ionic or React Native.

IDE’s:- Android Studio, Xcode, Visual Studio.

What are the different Jobs in App Development?

1) Native Apps Developer

2) Hybrid and web App Developer.

3) Cross-platform app developer.

What is the Average salary of an app developer?

The Annual average salary of an app developer is a Minimum of $10000 to a Maximum of $100000.It Mostly depends on your experience and expertise level

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